6 Wk. Developing Creatively Outline

Record moments of personal creativity. Adjust personal triggers…dependent on mood.

Developing Creatively: Focus on Personal Practice

Capstone Schedule Outline


One five-day duration exercise by Tharp per week

Two Exercises per week from Tharp

Three Days per week w/ personal trigger trials.

May adjust personal triggers on day of, dependent on mood


Active 5 consecutive days per week for six weeks

Starting Week of Jan. 15th

Ending Week of Feb. 19th



Daily: Time Start/End Creative Session

Daily: Blog Reaction Notes

Notebook: Anytime- Record moments of personal creativity

Digital Evidence of Creation: You Tube or Vimeo, Instagram or other photo site link back to blog

Week One: Jan. 15th                                                      


p. 30 Mind Wander (1 min.)

Individual Day Trigger Trials

1. p. 45 Creative Autobiography (Done) (170117)

2. p. 178 Circles to Accomplish (Done) (170118)

3. 10 min. indoor exercise (Fail) none (170119) Woodburning Game Tiles

4. 10 min. nap (Done) (170120)

5. 10 min. eat/make food (Done) (170121) Creative writing about dry cabin and reducing kitchenware

Week Two: Jan. 22nd                                                                   


p. 30 Mind Wander (3min)

Individual Day Trigger Trials

1. p. 51 Pick a Name (Done) creative exercise, spontaneous cooking (170122)

2. p. 31 Five Biggest Fears (Done) (170123)

3. prep space (Done) dance, edit (170124)

4. 10 min. drink tea  (Done) yoga, photography, creative problem solving (ski skirt, and slick stairs)  (still need to post these) (170125)

5. 10 min. clean (Done) jewelry-making

Then 2 days off: Friday and Saturday

Week Three: Jan. 29th                                                                  


p. 30 Mind Wander (5min)

Individual Day Trigger Trials

1. p. 191 Sixty Uses (Done) (170129)

2. p. 109 Arrange Coins (Done) (170130)

3. 10 min. computer (Done) spontaneous cooking (homemade pizza) and 1st blog post of magnetic poetry I’ve made. (170131)

4. 10 min. read (Done) -did mind wander but no more (170201)

5. 10 min. decide spontaneously (chose to prepare space: put up and cut more magnets) make more magnetic poetry (170202)

BONUS day: Not required by program, but felt like it.  (170203)

prompt: put up rest of mag. poetry and made more poems also finished second earring design and came up with some other good ideas. See Notes

Week Four: Feb. 5th                                                                      


p. 30 Mind Wander Mind Wander (7min)

Individual Day Trigger Trials

1. p. 66 Copy an Artist

2. p. 112 Egg (undone) Writing cc ski blogpost

3. p. 203 Do a Verb (undone): Yoga and Dancing

4. 10 min. meditate (undone) : Eggplant Motz Pesto Foldovers

5. 10 min. ph. Call (undone) : Chocolate Chip Cherry Cupcakes

Week Five: Feb. 12th                                                                      


p. 30 Mind Wander (9min)

Individual Day Trigger Trials

1. p. 176 Twenty Questions

2. 10 min. play with materials -sick, fail

3. 10 min. watch video –Yoga, Dance

4. 10 min. journal- Magnetic Poetry

5. p. 114 Field Trip with Purpose- See Hobo Jim (the Alaskan Balladeer) perform

Week Six: Feb. 19th                                                       


p. 32 Go Without

Individual Day Trigger Trials

1. p. 174, 179 Skill Inventory, -1 Tool 170220

2. p. 50 Observe Twenty Interactions

3. 10 min. look at art-170222 Creative Writing: Alaska Living

4. 10 min. look at memories-170223  Display Art

5. 10 min. play music- 170224 More Display Art

End Formal Trial

Week Seven