Moments (poem)

Sometimes moving is just a motion

Sometimes meaning lasts just a moment

Sometimes monotony is just a mirror

Reflecting the mindless motions we make to give meaning to moments.

170202 my Magnetic Poetry

Tangled in this skin, I break the center and mend destiny, until my way is silent and strong as whole healing light.

To learn more about the start of this project visit Magnetic Poetry Creations post.  Today I cut up some new magnets I made and added some more old ones I made to the fridge.  I want to test and see if I can create worthwhile poetry anytime or if there’s a certain mood I need to be in.  I like a few of the pieces I created here, but still too soon to tell.  Again I will transcribe below each photo. img_6476

Tangled in this skin

I break the center and mend destiny

until my way is silent and strong as whole healing light.



life inserted choices around her



Just whisper the last full words

Terminal tradition,

living with death,

rejoice against disease,

a thing unto itself.

For all roots date back to a chance existence (other word choice for existence=beginning)

Complicated and pure,

in pleasure and repose.



enough said.






Do you earn life?

Walking ions innovating instantly.



Decisions must pay for their distinct shadows.



can our will be better?



Power calls every knife to action.



Embrace wise, gentle contradiction



People are for being.

170131 Magnetic Poetry Creations

Light your lamp like the never blind divine, unleash history before time.

Once upon a time I started making my own magnetic poetry pieces.  I bought small sheets of magnet that were sticky on one side and started cutting out words from magazines that were colorful, interesting font or just words that weren’t cutesy or erotic as most of the store bought magnetic poetry sets are limiting.  I move a lot so I don’t always have time to set it up on every fridge in my life.  But when I do, I tend to use it time to time.  I have lost most of the record of these creations, but I’m going to try to start gathering them here.  So here are a few that I made recently and just found the photo-evidence of.

Sometimes the words are close, but not exactly what I’m thinking, so I will write the poem out next to the picture.

Here is the poem to match the lead photo:

Written in Columbia Falls MT Oct. 2016

Adventurous girl,

prepare tomorrow.

Ignite the song,

lucid heart candle.

Light your lamp

like the never blind divine,

unleash history

before time.


A minute (my newt) star appears

Before vanishing near

Our memory of moments and dreams


be irratic,

truth is beyond skin



no thresholds on love.

Actually, what?

just discover.

img_0477be truth beyond skin, discover what you love.