170129: 60 Uses for 1 Object: Creative Exercise

So, pick a common object and try to generate 60 different ideas for it’s use.

Tharp observed, when she offered this exercise to crowds, that the first third of responses were common responses. The middle third were more interesting and the last third were often the most inventive.  So, pick a common object and try to generate 60 different ideas for it’s use.

Object: Paper Clip

  1. hold paper
  2. pick an easy lock
  3. picture hanging hook
  4. fuse breaker
  5. skewer
  6. weigh down paper airplane nose
  7. fake sword wars
  8. make jewelry
  9. zipper pull (first feeling stuck)
  10. chain together to make plant hanger
  11. hair clip
  12. make a bra a razor back
  13. hold a fold
  14. build a trivet
  15. lengthen to make antenna
  16. prison weapon
  17. stir stick for epoxy/ super glue
  18. finger nail cleaner
  19. doll house lamp stand
  20. flatten and make an instrument
  21. fondue dipper
  22. pusher for reset buttons
  23. sharpen, heat and use as ear piercer
  24. temporary pants button replacement
  25. combine together to make model human figure
  26. homemade fishing stringer
  27. puncture tool
  28. put in someone’s engine to wreck it
  29. melt down and make into something else, like false tooth/bullet
  30. collection of various kinds
  31. table mosaic material
  32. attach to stick bottom- pointed to make trash collector
  33. make an ant bridge
  34. make a maze
  35. car body for remote control car
  36. kite frame
  37. Microsoft word assistant
  38. Stop motion animated character
  39. unbend for new glasses stems
  40. bubble maker tool
  41. easter egg caddy
  42. simple engagement ring
  43. false god
  44. tool for weaving
  45. spit wad catapult
  46. game spinner
  47. artifact for future societies
  48. unfurl for bra/ corset support wire
  49. bra hook
  50. I phone sim card remover
  51. bookmark
  52. (really stuck here) disco ball making material
  53. branding tool
  54. make heart for valentine
  55. reusable twist tie
  56. car vandalizing tool
  57. release air from rubber balls
  58. unfurl for tic tac toe board
  59. hook in plaster mold
  60. wedge