170124 Forever Young Salad Recipe

…lots of well researched suggestions of foods to use to keep your skin looking great.

I love salad.  When I was young you couldn’t pay me to eat a salad, and to this day I will not touch a traditional iceberg lettuce/ crouton/ tomato salad.  But I had an amazing roommate in college who taught me the art of delicious salads, made of surprises, and those are the salads I love to create to this day.  Among my friends and family I have become known as the salad maker, a title which I don’t might taking on at all.

Today as I was making this salad I was reminded of a book I discovered at my library this past fall The Young Skin Diet.  It looks like the author, Michelle Lee, is doing some podcasts now which I’m excited to check out.  The book gave lots of well researched suggestions of foods to use to keep your skin looking great.  A science book that applies to life and has real usable recipes, a rare find.  Lots of the ingredients I use here, I remember being on her list, hence the name.  I always try to do organic and local when possible, though winter in Alaska can inhibit these things sometimes.  I think especially organic carrots can taste so much more delicious if you find the right ones!

“Forever Young” Salad

Ingredients listed in order I layered them in the large bowl.  This salad can be made to any size, just increase quantities according to bowl size.

Organic spinach (about half the bowl when put in loosely).

Red Cabbage-thin sliced and chopped (maybe half the amount of the spinach, or more)

Cottage cheese- 1C or so

Cucumber- diced (1/4C more or less)

Radish- 4 small sliced

Avocad0- 1/4th

1 twist of salt and squeeze of lemon juice.  (At this point I took the lead picture)

Then I decided I wanted more and added a

Creamy Balsamic Dressing mixed with a lemon tahini dressing

Added another 1/4th of an avocado and cottage cheese and shredded carrot

I didn’t want to shred much so I ate half the carrot while I was cleaning up.

Here is the final pic of the salad. Enjoy