170131 Homemade Pizza Recipe

I melted cream cheese as a white sauce on the hot dough that had been in for a bit.




(On the Left and bottom right) Taylor’s Pizza:

Goat cheese on half, Cottage Cheese on half

Then on half the goat cheese side and half the Cott. Cheese side

he added summer sausage meat cut up,

and on the other halves of each he added cooked ground beef.

Then Carmelized Onions and after the pizza came out of the oven Spinach

My Pizza (top right)

I melted cream cheese as a white sauce on the hot dough that had been in for a bit.

Then on one half I added avocado, spinach and shredded cheddar

on the other half I added a mix of carmelized onions and mushrooms and atop that shredded Citrus Lime Parmesan Cheese.  (Later this was voted best, but they were all so darn fantastic I’m glad we were sharing.)

Inspiration: Today the Great Alaska Pizza Company had a $5 medium pizza for Customer Appreciation day.  Taylor waited 15 minutes in line, but when they said it would be another 15, he decided life was too short and headed home.  A week ago we got a big bag of Bread flour and a container of yeast, so I guess today is the day, we start making pizzas.  My brother is a great pizza maker and sent me his secret crust recipe, but I was working and Taylor was chef of the night so he found a recipe online that would be ready in 30mins.  Ok, game on.

He called me down when it was time to stretch out my very own pizza crust.  I was pretty excited, it stirred up memories of make your own pizza nights from birthday slumber parties of my youth.  He used the round glass pie pan for his and I went with the Mirro baking pan cover.  Because we had no corn meal for the underside of the crust we just improvised with quinoa… but probably in the future will use nothing, it seemed fine without it.  Then I let gravity do the work stretching out my dough, I just turned and turned it, then laid it out and extended a bit further on the pan.




170209 Yoga and Centrifugal Dancing

I have been spinning as part of my dance practice since about 2003. It came to me by chance, and I find it to be different than other things in my life for the kind of presence it requires.

For my Capstone I am trying to document all of the sorts of creative endeavors I try during this time.

First I will share a bit of my yoga practice here.  This is an unlisted post on You Tube so this is currently the only link to access it.

It was filmed to the musician Greg Brown’s song Rain and Snow.

Then if you skip to minute 2.56 of this video you can see a fun little bit of my spin style dancing.  Before that I’m just sitting in warm up and toe tapping so it’s worth skipping that portion.  I should have clipped it, but still need to get the updated iMovie I need on this computer.  Sorry. The music in this film is Greg Brown’s Where Are You Going When You’re Gone?

I hope these links work, feel free to let me know if they don’t.

The dancing and yoga has been the most intense to try to show.  Filming set up and making space is one thing and then sorting through the film taken and trying to select some worth showing at this stage has been hard.  Then just my small computer storage space and remote location make uploading to You Tube extremely time consuming….. but here is a sample of some of my yoga and dance time.  This Thursday I did yoga and dance for over an hour and tried to film best I could.  I have been spinning as part of my dance practice since about 2003.  It came to me by chance, and I find it to be different than other things in my life for the kind of presence it requires.  I can see I am quite out of practice, but it’s important for me to be open and accepting of my current state.  I need to understand that I will probably only get better if I buckle down and practice, so there is no need to be ashamed that I have let it go to a large degree.

170206 CC ski to a remote cabin in AK

I forgot there are no lights so we hung our headlamps and Taylor even fashioned a shade over his to disperse the light using one of our beloved Orikaso folding camp bowls.

This past weekend we skied 5.7 miles to a remote DNR cabin we’d reserved out by the Chena Hot Springs in Alaska.

The last time I did something like this was in 2007, my first winter in Alaska. That time it did not end so well.  I arrived to a tiny cabin full of skies and people I didn’t know and quickly realized my “winter gear” of a wool vest and wool skirt were not pro gear for the 11 mile (one way) ski up and down steep terrain.  They had special names for the “type” of cc ski we would need for this adventure.  I had gotten mine a month before at the Play It Again Sports shop in town for about 30 bucks (poles and all)…needless to say someone winded up coming back on a snow machine for me long after everyone else had glided smoothly to the cabin and were busy warming up.

So this time we took it easy.  We got a slow easy start to the morning and ran a few last minute errands.  We ended up hitting the trail around 3 pm and were super happy to discover it was groomed. I tried to phone for trail conditions, but the line is down on the weekends…oops.  As it was the temps were mild hovering around 0 degrees. ( I know this sounds cold if you don’t live here, but remember it’s a dry cold in the interior, so that offsets things.)  The outset looked like this

The granite tors were behind us and sloping hills in from each side.  It was beautiful and didn’t take long to get beyond the sound of cars from the road.  We saw one other skier heading in with a sled towed behind heading for Lower Creek Cabin.  He must have made good time because we never saw him again.  The only other people we saw were about 1.5 miles in and headed back to the parking area on two snow machines each towing a load of kids on sleds having a blast!

We got into a bit thicker trees covered in some fun, fluffy snow formations and a few small portions where it felt like being in a winter wonderland cathedral with the slim trees arching over the pathway.  Rabbit tracks could be seen now and again crossing over the path.

After passing Lower Angel Creek Cabin at about 3 miles in the sun was getting low behind the hills and the conditions for skiing were a bit colder, but also smoother.  There were less straight shot passes and a bit more small hills to keep things interesting.  At this point I got into a bit of a rhythm, and started cruising for the cabin, trying to arrive before dark.  But then I lost track of Taylor so I was torn between trying to get there fast and not being worried that he had been plowed over by a mama moose.  He caught up to me and we arrived to the cabin after 6pm, thankful to find it was still a bit warm from the people who had stayed the night before.  Temps around 50 degrees F inside as we set to stoking and stocking the wood in the sweet little wood stove.  Fortunately people had left fire starter logs and extra wood behind so we didn’t have to start scrounging for dead wood to saw down after the long ski.  We just used a small bit of fire start and saved the majority for people in need arriving to an entirely cold cabin.  I forgot there are no lights so we hung our headlamps and Taylor even fashioned a shade over his to disperse the light using one of our beloved Orikaso folding camp bowls (I’m so sad this company is no longer manufacturing, they were the best!).

For dinner the plan was wild rice soup with dried ground turkey…but we tried to use turkey dried this summer for a trip to the boundary waters, and it had gone stale… so yuck! I will eat almost everything, but this did not make the cut.  So instead we stuck to cookies, rum cream and fireball with summer sausage and cheese to keep us a float.  The morning was better with power waffles (no wheat and some cottage cheese. I will have to have Taylor share the recipe as they are real good and filling.) We made them before the trip and froze some to just reheat on the stove and eat with homemade yogurt and some maple syrup. Luckily one of the far windows was a bit leaky and that ledge acted as fridge for a few of our sensitive food items (like the quiche we ate on the way in and out and some tuna we mixed up for seaweed rolls)

Above you can see us packing up again out bags on the sleeping platforms, (yes we did use sleeping pads for comform) and we were on the trail by check out time noon, and headed toward a relaxing soak at the Chena Hot Springs as our follow up.  I was a little slower the second half of the way out but it took us about 3 hrs each way and we couldn’t have asked for better weather.  No wind and mild temps.  Glad we didn’t book for this weekend though, as temps dip back down to -30 today!  Here’s a few pics from the ski out.