170131 Magnetic Poetry Creations

Light your lamp like the never blind divine, unleash history before time.

Once upon a time I started making my own magnetic poetry pieces.  I bought small sheets of magnet that were sticky on one side and started cutting out words from magazines that were colorful, interesting font or just words that weren’t cutesy or erotic as most of the store bought magnetic poetry sets are limiting.  I move a lot so I don’t always have time to set it up on every fridge in my life.  But when I do, I tend to use it time to time.  I have lost most of the record of these creations, but I’m going to try to start gathering them here.  So here are a few that I made recently and just found the photo-evidence of.

Sometimes the words are close, but not exactly what I’m thinking, so I will write the poem out next to the picture.

Here is the poem to match the lead photo:

Written in Columbia Falls MT Oct. 2016

Adventurous girl,

prepare tomorrow.

Ignite the song,

lucid heart candle.

Light your lamp

like the never blind divine,

unleash history

before time.


A minute (my newt) star appears

Before vanishing near

Our memory of moments and dreams


be irratic,

truth is beyond skin



no thresholds on love.

Actually, what?

just discover.

img_0477be truth beyond skin, discover what you love.

170130 Arranging Objects exercise

“…one way she uses to see things anew is by throwing coins onto a surface and manipulate them into different arrangements.”

In Tharp’s book she says one way she uses to see things anew is by throwing coins onto a surface and manipulate them into different arrangements.

.  As a choreographer the arrangements could be translated into formations of dancers or movements or many things, it’s just a free form activity that helps the mind shift modes.  I tried the activity on Monday and used some random chunky beads from my jewelry making supplies.

This may also be a good activity to help kids categorize objects.  They could pick a qualifier and sort and arrange according to that.  One of my arrangements used only the natural wood feeling beads.  To do two outer circle layers I told myself I would not use two of the same type of bead, so they would all look different. In one sort I used only dull/ muted colors Etc.

170129: 60 Uses for 1 Object: Creative Exercise

So, pick a common object and try to generate 60 different ideas for it’s use.

Tharp observed, when she offered this exercise to crowds, that the first third of responses were common responses. The middle third were more interesting and the last third were often the most inventive.  So, pick a common object and try to generate 60 different ideas for it’s use.

Object: Paper Clip

  1. hold paper
  2. pick an easy lock
  3. picture hanging hook
  4. fuse breaker
  5. skewer
  6. weigh down paper airplane nose
  7. fake sword wars
  8. make jewelry
  9. zipper pull (first feeling stuck)
  10. chain together to make plant hanger
  11. hair clip
  12. make a bra a razor back
  13. hold a fold
  14. build a trivet
  15. lengthen to make antenna
  16. prison weapon
  17. stir stick for epoxy/ super glue
  18. finger nail cleaner
  19. doll house lamp stand
  20. flatten and make an instrument
  21. fondue dipper
  22. pusher for reset buttons
  23. sharpen, heat and use as ear piercer
  24. temporary pants button replacement
  25. combine together to make model human figure
  26. homemade fishing stringer
  27. puncture tool
  28. put in someone’s engine to wreck it
  29. melt down and make into something else, like false tooth/bullet
  30. collection of various kinds
  31. table mosaic material
  32. attach to stick bottom- pointed to make trash collector
  33. make an ant bridge
  34. make a maze
  35. car body for remote control car
  36. kite frame
  37. Microsoft word assistant
  38. Stop motion animated character
  39. unbend for new glasses stems
  40. bubble maker tool
  41. easter egg caddy
  42. simple engagement ring
  43. false god
  44. tool for weaving
  45. spit wad catapult
  46. game spinner
  47. artifact for future societies
  48. unfurl for bra/ corset support wire
  49. bra hook
  50. I phone sim card remover
  51. bookmark
  52. (really stuck here) disco ball making material
  53. branding tool
  54. make heart for valentine
  55. reusable twist tie
  56. car vandalizing tool
  57. release air from rubber balls
  58. unfurl for tic tac toe board
  59. hook in plaster mold
  60. wedge

Crockery Cooking & Curried Butternut Squash Soup Recipe

I rushed to the oven when I remembered it, imagining the blackened mess I would be scraping out using every muscle in my arm. But, instead I found the soup perfectly, deliciously baked with nice little vent holes.

If you can, I highly, highly recommend buying some oven and dishwasher safe ceramics to use for baking.  Today (Wednesday 1/25/17) was great proof of these hidden treasures.  This is my one bowl (See my Dry Cabin Minimalism Marriage post) for eating.  The amazing thing about this bowl is that I stuck it into the cold oven with cold soup, cranked it up to 350 degrees and literally, (accidentally!) forgot about it for over half an hour.  I rushed to the oven when I remembered it, imagining the blackened mess I would be scraping out using every muscle in my arm. But, instead I found the soup perfectly, deliciously baked with nice little vent holes.  The edges even had that delicious little crust that I only seem to achieve in ceramic ware.  I grated a bit of our current fancy cheese splurge, a Citrus Ginger BellaVitano, on top (it’s hard, like a parmesan) and within a spoonful I was in heaven.

The only thing you really MUST NOT DO to ceramics are to put them through an extreme heat change… so you always need to put it in when you are first warming up the oven.  If the oven is already hot, forget about using the ceramic, please!  If you are good to it, it will be oh so good to you.  With this dish I didn’t even have any residue to scrape away from the sides, amazing.

Here are a few examples of ceramics using a food safe glaze, but you can’t always tell by looking, best to buy from the artist and be sure they are confident about their glazes.


Also, be sure you are using ceramic with a food safe glaze.  If you aren’t sure, don’t do it!  But these little puppies are worth their weight in gold, so if you find a good piece, nab it.  I made mine back in 2001, and it’s still going strong.  When looking for a sturdy piece, make sure the walls look like they are consistent in width, and that it won’t be to heavy for you to easily move in and out of the oven with your two hands covered in mitts.

In case you are interested, I’ll also include my

Curried Butternut Squash Soup recipe here:

(I bake the squash ahead of time while I’m doing something else in the oven, then it’s so quick to whip this together when you want to)

I chopped and cooked down

2.5 sweet onions, and

5 cloves of garlic

in a lg sauce pan with 2 T of butter.

Then I added 4C water with a lg chicken bouillon cube,

the 2lb of squash- (skinned and cubed in 1 in. chunks)

1t salt, 1t cumin, 1/2 t cayenne pepper

After it’s all warmed up, I remove it from heat and add

1/2 C half and half, 1 T honey, and 1/2C or more sour cream.

I blend it in batches in the blender, though I’d love to use an immersion blender if I had one…they are so slick!

When serving I put out cumin, pepper, and sour cream for people to add to taste.  Or fancy hard cheese if I have it 😉


170126 Photography-Fairbanks, Alaska

I need some outside eyes to tell me which, if any, of these are captivating.

I would love feedback on these.  It’s hard for me to be objective, because somehow I see right through the photos to the moment as it had been when I took the photo.  I need some outside eyes to tell me which, if any, of these are captivating.  Through repeated feedback from others I hope to gain a more critical eye.  These were taken on Thursday 1/26/17 a little after 4 p.m.  So fun to finally be feeling the lengthening of the sun light again.  Inklings of spring begin. img_6425img_6429img_6426img_6427img_6424

170124 Forever Young Salad Recipe

…lots of well researched suggestions of foods to use to keep your skin looking great.

I love salad.  When I was young you couldn’t pay me to eat a salad, and to this day I will not touch a traditional iceberg lettuce/ crouton/ tomato salad.  But I had an amazing roommate in college who taught me the art of delicious salads, made of surprises, and those are the salads I love to create to this day.  Among my friends and family I have become known as the salad maker, a title which I don’t might taking on at all.

Today as I was making this salad I was reminded of a book I discovered at my library this past fall The Young Skin Diet.  It looks like the author, Michelle Lee, is doing some podcasts now which I’m excited to check out.  The book gave lots of well researched suggestions of foods to use to keep your skin looking great.  A science book that applies to life and has real usable recipes, a rare find.  Lots of the ingredients I use here, I remember being on her list, hence the name.  I always try to do organic and local when possible, though winter in Alaska can inhibit these things sometimes.  I think especially organic carrots can taste so much more delicious if you find the right ones!

“Forever Young” Salad

Ingredients listed in order I layered them in the large bowl.  This salad can be made to any size, just increase quantities according to bowl size.

Organic spinach (about half the bowl when put in loosely).

Red Cabbage-thin sliced and chopped (maybe half the amount of the spinach, or more)

Cottage cheese- 1C or so

Cucumber- diced (1/4C more or less)

Radish- 4 small sliced

Avocad0- 1/4th

1 twist of salt and squeeze of lemon juice.  (At this point I took the lead picture)

Then I decided I wanted more and added a

Creamy Balsamic Dressing mixed with a lemon tahini dressing

Added another 1/4th of an avocado and cottage cheese and shredded carrot

I didn’t want to shred much so I ate half the carrot while I was cleaning up.

Here is the final pic of the salad. Enjoy


170123: Name Your 5 Biggest Creative Fears

This exercise is from Tharp’s The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It For Life p. 31

Tharp challenges you to name your fears in order to face them and then focus on how you might be able to overcome them individually.

  1. I won’t be able to keep up with all the things I want to accomplish.
  2. Will I make things worth the time spent?
  3. What is something unique that I can contribute?
  4. Do I have enough energy to be successful?
  5. Can I find quality mentors? How?

I will work toward answering and nullifying these questions over the next few weeks.

170222: 2 Recipes- Berry Good Frozen Yogurt

Berry Ginger Frozen Yogurt &
Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt

Lately Taylor has been making some delicious homemade yogurt.  He has also been repeatedly frustrated trying to make the perfect homemade ice cream.

Since following my blood type diet has made huge improvements to my digestive health I try to stick by it generally.  Ice cream is one thing I am supposed to avoid, and frozen yogurt is one of my medicine foods. So,  I thought I’d use some of his yummy homemade yogurt as a base for making a frozen treat.

Here are two versions that I created tonight, we like them both but in different ways.

Berry Ginger Frozen Yogurt (pictured on left)

1 C homemade yogurt (I will try to get Taylor to write a post about this process)

2T honey

1/2C frozen blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

1T maple syrup

1T homemade candied ginger

1/2C cream

Before blending it will look like the version you see on the left in the last picture.

Blend, put outside at -25 F and mix with hand blender every 10-20 min. til fairly firm and transfer to freezer. The consistency after beating will look like the picture at the top of this post. Then I added some granola after it froze so it would not get soft.  See the first picture below to view with granola.

Of the two recipes this one has the heavier concentration of yogurt giving it a smoother, more tart and tangy taste.  It is also less thick than the other version.

Banana Berry Frozen Yogurt (pictured on right)

1C frozen blueberries, raspberries, blackberries

1/2C yogurt

1T lemon juice

2T honey

1/2C cream

1 frozen banana, broken into chunks

blend and put in freezer

This is the thicker, more fruit heavy frozen yogurt so it is a bit sweeter, but still creamy and doesn’t really need any more whipping to get a great consistency.  Give it a whirl!

170119: Mind-Over-Body Game & Doing Wood burning

“… a cool foray into a new art form.”

One project I’m working on during my attempt to try to develop a creative habit in my life is to complete a wood burning tile project.

For my birthday, my boyfriend designed a cool matching game.  Once you turn over a match both people do the action and everybody wins.  He created four matches so far: Cat/Cow pose, Invert, Piggyback, and Climb.  He intentionally left some tiles for me to complete so that we have both contributed to it’s creation.  I have never done wood-burning before, so it will also be a cool foray into a new art form.  I was inspired by what he has done already.  Here is the inventive pouch that holds the game pieces, instructions are burned into the inside leather.  These are the birch tiles he made and wood-burned with action matches that made me excited to try my hand at wood working.

I began by sketching a female figure in forward fold (Jan. 18th), which worked out well as another goal of mine is to do more drawing from my imagination.  Yesterday (Jan. 20th) I began to turn some of these sketches into wood burned tiles after Taylor taught me how to use the tool and refuel it.  I will continue posting new wood burns and sketches here as I create them.

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170121: Dry Cabin Minimalism Marriage

We each get one bowl, one plate, one knife, one spoon, one fork, two cups….So last week we took all the other serving dishes and put them up on a shelf, off limits except for guests.

Yes, we live in a dry cabin, and it is the dry cabin and minimalism which are married here, not my beau and I.  I never intentionally set out to be a minimalist, (and trust me I have a long way to go), but sometimes it’s just the natural answer.  I have lived in a dry cabin on and off since 2009.  But I have never lived with anyone else in a dry cabin until mid Nov. 2016. So it’s just been a few months and we were fortunate to get a sweet little place.

But time to time we have still struggled with “the dish mountain”.  First it’s just a dish or two and you think, “oh that’s nothing, I’ll get it next time around”.  Then you get sick for a few days and feel elated if you can muster the energy to make tea. Before you know it “the dish mountain” has appeared.  We try to take turns and stay on top of it, but like all things, sometimes we fail.  Not liking to fail the same way twice our newest solution is one that we tried on when we were first living together down in Montana in September.  We each get one bowl, one plate, one knife, one spoon, one fork, two cups.  We cheat a little because we have 2 extra bowls.  One is extra large for salads and one is a mini for sauces/ snacks etc.  So last week we took all the other serving dishes and put them up on a shelf, off limits except for guests.

So far it’s going well.  I love having a clean counter, more space to prepare food and more ease finding the cooking implements I need most. The bowls and plates we use I made in college using an oven safe glaze, so I can warm and bake directly in them if the container warms up with the oven.

I also reduced some of the cooking utensils we don’t seem to use.  Now we are easily accountable for clean up.  We have to if we want to use our bowl, fork etc again! ;).

UPDATE 1/28/17 I’ve never been so excited before when all my dishes are dirty!  I’m not excited to wash them, but was so excited to see how small the pile is, when we even have our favorite pans and utensils all dirty.  Wish I had a before picture, but just compare it to your own load when you have a lot of dishes.


So here is a a picture I took yesterday of all of our dishes being dirty and the empty shelf where they would be if clean.  (The white coffee cup and everything behind it are usually on the counter, not part of dishes.) It feels great that it doesn’t seem daunting.  Actually, it was so undaunting that my boyfriend did them all last night of his own volition, beat that?!

If you are curious about dry cabin living, or minimalism feel free to ask questions.  I’ll post more in the future on these subjects, I’m sure.img_6271